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With an eye on detail and design, our systems fit seamlessly into your living spaces.


Experience Dynamic Sound

Immerse yourself and feel your senses heightened when enjoying your favorite movies or music. Allow our audio capabilities to vividly paint depth and clarity, and bring another dimension to your personal acoustic experience.


Challenging the Laws of Physics

You no longer have to sacrifice bass for space with our patented chamber design.


    First Chair Acoustics is a professional audio system company whose products are designed and manufactured in Taiwan. In 2012, a group of elite engineers and audiophiles formed a team to push the boundaries of acoustical engineering to enhance both mood and atmosphere. Our goal is to perfect the dynamic reproduction of sound without compromising design, craftsmanship or quality.

The Research and Development team at First Chair Acoustics collaborates with internationally renowned electronic consumer brands to develop, design, and manufacture customized acoustic products. First Chair Acoustics’ unique advantage lies in our 100% in-house production line. We are able to oversee and ensure that the intricacies of each individual design are executed to achieve the best sound characteristics. We hope to elevate your environment with sound through our functional and aesthetic design, and patented technology.




The goal of the portable PS201 is to provide the users a great way to share music with friends. Moreover, it is perfect to be used as conference-call device while PS201 connects to cellphone or computer (by using Skype or other VOIP software). The speaker does not require a power outlet since its run on battery. It only requires a 3.5mm audio jack/Bluetooth to stream users’ favorite music from cellphone, computer or MP3 player. The compact design makes it perfect for outdoor activities.


Dimensions: 150mm x 55mm x 35mm

Loudspeakers: 46mm Full Range x 2

Output Power: 100~20KHz / 5 wrms X2 / THD 1%Max

Inputs: AUX Line-In, Micro USB (charging)

Wireless Inputs: Bluetooth

Power Supply : AC 100-240V, DC5V/1A, 5Wmax



The goal of the Sound Bar SB201 is to provide the user with stereo/surround sound effect from a single long-slim speaker system. It can be placed below display devices such as television or home theater screen. Moreover, SB201 is an active sound bar system with remarkable patented chamber design. This allows the system to produce rich Deep BASS without require the help of external subwoofer. With FCA 3D effect +5 EQ banks solution, SB201 is able to create a various virtual surround audio effects which provides listeners with a completely immersive audio experience.


Dimensions: 1070mm x 132.5mm x 65.5mm

Loudspeakers: 46mm Full Range x 4; Center 46mm x 2; Woofer 65*93mm x 2

Output Power: 60/120 Watts

Inputs: AUX (RCA), AUX (3.5mm), USB, S/PDIF

Wireless Inputs: Bluetooth NFC

Power Supply: AC 100-240V, DC 19V/2.7A

FCA 3D Enhancement

Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Voice equalizer avaliable

Sleep Mode avaliable

USB Mode supported



The goal of the Wireless 2.1 channel surround speaker is to provide an optional package for users who already purchased First Chair Acoustics Soundbar and would like to upgrade to 5.1 channel virtual surround systems. In addition, SU101 can be used as stand-alone 2.1 channel speaker system while connects to your PC. With 2.4G wireless connection, audio signal can be transmitted throughout air and be able to deliver high-quality sound without audio wire. User thus can expand and enhance their enjoyment and freedom from wires.


Loudspeakers: 46mm Full Range x2; Woofer 4 1/2"

Output Power: 20 Watts + 300 Watts

Inputs: Micro USB Tx Dongle

Wireless Inputs: 2.4G Wireless